How are the classifications divided ?
The classification is according to the information about the skills and age.
Course requests can be considered only the case of uniform skill level .

How much are the lift cost ?
The lift costs depend on the skill level and on half - or full-day course.
Brauneck: between 17,- € and 28,- €
Streidelhang: between 6,- € and € 13, -€
Beginners: between 3,- € and 13,- €
Please bring the lift money daily suitable.
Bambini courses during the week (kindergartenoffer) , and school courses include lift ticket.

What does the lunchtime supervision ?
A hot lunch and drinks, of course, with support from our teachers. The lunchtime supervision must be booked separately.
Children who are coming by bus supervised automatically and do together in the heated bus brought along bread at lunch time.

Do I need a helmet?
A helmet requirement does not exist but we recommend one for the first lift rides.

What happens in case of illness ?
We offer a course cancellation insurance in case of illness. This insurance refund course fees or individual course days . Sigle costs of 25, - € handling fee .
Without the insurance our terms and conditions will apply.