Ski leasing

....the modern way to a suitable ski.

It is about ski, shoes and poles. The whole material is used and very well prepared in good quality. The ski are serviced when you pick them up and of couse the service is free of charge when you give them back.
The ski are suitable for children with a maximum hight of 130 cm. Shoes are availabe up to the size of 35 (22,5 Mondopoint).

Many years of experiance in teaching children how to ski, showed us that the success with suitable material is much easier and the children learn how to ski in a much more simple way.
For the purpose of enabling the children to experience that kind of sport, we offer the service of a seasonal rental:


The booking of the seasonal renatl must be done until the 30.11.2016.
The payment and signing of the leasing contract has to be done by picking up the equipment.


The material has to be picked up in the space of time from 01.-04.12.2016 in our skischooll in Lenggries, Gilgenhöfe 9.
Opening hours from 8.00 am to 5 pm.

The material has to be returned in the space of time from 27.03.-31.03.2017. Purchase possible until 31.03.2017.
A prchase or return after that date is not possible.
Place of return is our skischool, Gilgenhöfe 9 in Lenggries.

Leasing set kids stoecke

Leasing ski kids

 Leasing schuhe kids
A deposit of 100,- € has to be done by the conclusion of the contract. By the return of the material in time you get back the depostit.
For the time of the rental we recommend a DSV insurance including membership and damage and thievery.                                                                

Some private liability insurance cover rental material and damage.
The customer guarantees for the whole time of rental of damage or thievery with the paid deposit.

A normal abrasion of ski/shoes or poles is excluded.

The material will be in the property of the skischool until the final return.