Special offer for playschools


• We organize the coach and pick up the children from the kindergarten.
• a child friendly arrival short drive to the ski resort Brauneck is very important to us.
• children are supervised by our experienced and specially trained instructors from the beginn of the pick up, during the course until the arrival back at the kindergarten.
• the children and the material will be provided in advance with stickers to ensure a smooth process and to avoid confusion.
• possibility to book a course cancellation insurance in case of illness is also possible.
• rental is output on the ski site.
• our heated " Aueralm " is directly next to our private children's area.
• private practice area with  a "magic carpet" and a rope tow.
• t-bar lift for the more experienced and cable car is available to explore the whole ski site.
• quick learning success through frequent skiing with our "magic carpet" and  our special "carve concept".
• continuous quality control by certified instructors

When multiple applications are received not later than 05/12/2017 kindergartens  will get a great discount. If children need rental equipment, we offer
for the entire course a reduced material (skis, boots, poels) for 45,- €. A helmet is available for only 10,- € for the whole week .
We recommend helmet from the first ski lift rides.

Our well-proven and always held on the new stand concept guarantees child-friendly and playful learning.
Beginners , we carefully guide for braking to initial changes in direction.
In five learning levels, the children develop their driving skills. Our race dwarves learn driving on the Streidlhangs that Brauneckzwerge explore the entire Brauneck. The last day of the course traditionally ends with a final race. Medals and certificates , there are of course for all.

Our exercise area at the "Streidlhang" offers different difficulties of the slope for each skill level. Our private area with children
colorful characters a magic carpet and  a rope tow is the best condition for the kids and their friends to learn how to ski. Also on the drag lift
we set up an intermediate exit. The training ground and the complete decent of the Brauneck are snow safe by making snow like never before.

Every specially trained instructor supervised maximum of 7-8 children. In the beginners' area we teach more children with two teachers per class, which guarantees high security and fast learning.

Secure care is our priority. The program begins at the first stop where the children are taken from our instructors in reception. They help the children undressing, dressing, in the ski school,
on the toilet and on the way back to the kindergarten. Not until we get back to the
kindergarten we are looking after the children. A service which distinguishes us for many years.

We would be happy to send you an information pack and our "bamini-ski-video".

We will organize in your free information evening or a project day in kindergarten. We advise our complete course operation and the organisation.
We introduce you to our philosophy and will answer questions regarding the course as well as ski equipment.