Important notes

Equipment / Clothing
If children need rental equipment we can offer you in group registration a special price of 45, -€ (skis, boots, poles / + helmet + 10, - €) per child for the whole week.
Children who bring their own equipment should mark it with their name to avoid confusion. Skis and poles are again provided by us with stickers on which name, skill level, and name of kindergarten is printed. Thus we can assign the skis and poles even easier.

The ski should not exceed the height, with beginners max. shoulder height. The poles extend up to the belly. But only our experienced children who manage to take a tbar lift by themself need it.
The skis and poles remain during the week with us and will be taken home on the last day.

Our request to you:
Make it easy for your child to learn how to ski and allow it to learn quickly  - even for beginners - and make carving skis available. They rotate more easily and comlpy with our proven
"carve-concept". The ski clothing should be ideally breathable material. The best give to your child spare underwear as long underwear, gloves or hat in an extra bag.
Additional security gives a ski helmet especially for the experienced children who explore the Brauneck. We recommend a helmet from the first ski lift rides on.

 Proper clothing kids